Website design services

With all of the DIY tools available, requiring no programming knowledge or even an understanding of basic website concepts and protocols, one-size-fits-all website design has become almost a hobbyist's afternoon's diversion.

But is that what you want to help you proclaim your business to world? Does an out-of-the-box solution really reflect your business ideals? If so, then you have the makings of a website already.

But if you are looking for a design which jibes with the specialness of your business, then you cannot do without professional help.

Sheds can provide you with such services.

Animation? - no problem, from simple animated pictures, through flash-based animations, to fully-fledged integrated movies.

Cascaded menus (like on this page), spam-proof emai lnks (like ), forms (like the feedback form), applications using live data from a database, automated processes (such as credit card checks), vivid design or calm and elegant, secure pages (encrypted protocols), password-protected pages for signed-up members, integrated objects (such as audio streams), etc etc etc. .....

If you have a design idea already, let Sheds develop it into a professional website. Or just provide an outline of your needs, and we'll do the rest.

Make your website a reflection of your business ethos - get SHEDS to design it for you.

Client-side and Server-side programming experience brings the power of Javascript, VB, Python, Perl, PHP etc to your aid. Call us for a chat about your needs.

Convenience is inversely proportional to security
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