Learn how Sheds can benefit your business, offering data solutions and IT support services.

Here's what we do:

Database design and implementation
From the simple single-user data repository to a multi-user, client-server, distributed and/or replicated, transaction-protected data-oriented application.
Other bespoke data solutions
Solutions based on non-database foundations, such as Excel, Outlook etc, with or without additional programming

Data services  
  Data audits and rationalisation Thorough checks on integrity, viability and efficiency of existing data solutions with recommendations for improvement and rationalisation
  Database administration Ongoing administration of data solutions, including data and application security management, backup regime, correction of data faults and criteria violations etc, ad hoc reports,

Website solutions  
  Website design and implementation Styles and complexity to suit your needs. Includes programmed functionality as needed (written in Javascript and PHP).

  Use of Microsoft Windows Basic window navigation and file management, to configuration tasks such as setting up modem connections, choosing keyboard layouts etc.
  Surfing the Internet Use of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, search algorithms, cookies, safe surfing etc
  Use of Microsoft Office applications Basic use of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, to macro design and VB programming
  Other bespoke courses Training courses designed to meet your needs
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