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Hi, I'm Stuart Moors: A software engineer for many years, working primarliy on the design, implementation, testing and maintenance of telecommunications software, including operating systems for digital telephone exchanges, alarm collection systems and message switching systems (the precursor to the Internet), but also on In-Orbit testing of communications satellites, and other related projects.

More recently, a software engineering background has been a crucial benefit for me as a Product Manager for similar software products, focusing more on the service provisioning and network management aspects of such facilities, such as DSL services, fibre network management, wireless access systems etc, and the database element of such software is foundational.

Continuously, throughout, database design and implementation has been central to the main task, and additionally, several database applications have been developed to provide operational support and as independent projects. Examples of data solutions completed:

...and many more.

All of these solutions are designed to be compliant with at least the 5th Normal Form of Relational Databases. For a quick explanation, click here, or visit Wikipedia for a more detailed explanation.

Also, many examples of data-oriented solutions based on Excel and other software packages.

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