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Welcome to the website for St.Helena Electronic Data Services, or Sheds for short.

Did you imagine that St.Helena was too small and, well, too old-fashioned to need its own IT support services? Did you think that St.Helena businesses did not need data solutions, specifically tailored to their needs?

Such preconceptions are way off-mark, particularly with the impending economic sea-change that will accompany the air access project.

No, St.Helena's needs are no different to most developed and developing nations in the world - it's just that the scale is somewhat different.

What are your choices?

Live with what you can get from elsewhere

Obtain what you need locally

Solutions only approximate to your needs

The solution is exactly what you need

You change your processes to fit the solution

The solution is tailored to your processes

Support by email and telephone

Support on-site, when you need it

Solutions change despite your needs

The solution changes as your needs do

You're on your own for training

Training available on-site

One size fits all - you know that's wrong

Size is appropriate - you know that's right

Thank heavens for local solution-providers. Thank heavens for Sheds.

Know the problem before choosing the solution.
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