Check your Data Usage

Part 1 - The problem and some practical hints

Sure South Atlantic gathers statistics regarding the data you have sent or received on your broadband connection. They provide a way for you to check your own data usage by visiting their website ByteBank and identifying yourself with your username and password.

But, of course, if there is any dispute regarding your usage, unless you have any counter-evidence, you are more or less obliged to take the Sure statistics as gospel, and there are enough stories of disputed usage that the statistics have to be questioned.

But before you jump to the conclusion that the statistics cannot be right, check the following:

(The following applies, in the main, to Windows-based computers - some of the information may also apply to Macs and Linux systems as well)

Have you disabled all automatic updates?

Do you have processes "calling home" on a permanent basis?

Do you have a synchronised cloud folder, collaboration site, cloud auto-backup or dropbox?

Is there a large email being sent/received?

Have you let a download overrun?

Do you have other devices on your home network?

Is it possible for unauthorised users to use your wireless network?

Could someone else be using your username and password?




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